U.S. Restricts Laptops And Other Devices In Carry-Ons From Some Flights


WASHINGTON- The United States is giving some airlines in certain Middle Eastern cities until Saturday to implement a restriction on electronics larger than a smartphone from carry-on luggage on passenger flights.

According to NBC News, devices like iPads, laptops and e-readers will have to be kept in checked baggage under this new policy. The only exceptions apply to medical devices and crew members.

NBC News reports a senior Trump administration official said the new restriction is due to terror groups continuing to target flights by smuggling explosives in electronics.

This restriction applies to about 50 direct daily flights into the United States, according to NBC News.

The airlines included in the new policy are:

  • Royal Jordanian
  • EgyptAir
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Saudi Arabia Airlines
  • Kuwait Airlines
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Qatar Airways
  • Emirates Air
  • Etihad Airways

The airports included in the new policy are:

  • Queen Alia International, Amman, Jordan
  • Cairo International, Egypt
  • Ataturk International, Istanbul, Turkey
  • King Abdulaziz, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait International, Farwaniya, Kuwait
  • Mohammed V International, Casablanca, Morocco
  • Doha International, Qatar
  • Dubai International, United Arab Emirates
  • Abu Dhabi International, United Arab Emirates

Since no flights operate directly to the United States, domestic U.S. flights are not affected.

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