Sunny Radiothon For LifeScape Kicked Off Today

SIOUX FALLS, SD – The first annual Sunny Radiothon for Lifescape kicked off today in Sioux Falls.

The event is to raise money for people with special needs and disabilities.  LifeScape serves from birth through the end of life.  They say the cost for services that people with disabilities need can be very expensive.  The Radiothon started today and will go through tomorrow on 93.3 FM.  Every hour of the event listeners will hear stories of people who are able to live fulfilling lives because of volunteers and donations.  One family tells us they fell in love with a girl named Piper which is why they are now her legal guardians.

Legal guardian of a previous resident at LifeScape, Kathy Blomker said, “She really needed that specialized care which she had here at the specialty hospital.  She is a little spitfire.  Her little fighting spirit and the great care she had here at Lifescape has really gotten her where she’s at today.”

If you want to donate to the cause, you can call (605) 444-9610.

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