Adventures With Ahtra: Firefighter Fitness

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- It takes a lot of courage, discipline and of course, physical strength to work for Sioux Falls Fire Rescue. Before entering the force, each firefighter must pass a fitness test to make sure they’re in shape for anything their job demands.

The IPAT, or Incumbent Physical Agility Test, involves a series of tasks which simulate scenarios that firefighters experience. Each person has one minute, 18 seconds to complete the IPAT before they’re allowed to serve with SFFR, as well as once per year to make sure they’re still physically fit for the job.

Before starting the test, the firefighter must put on a weighted vest, gloves and a helmet, which amount to over 100 pounds. Parts of the test include dragging over 300 pounds across the floor and climbing stairs for over three minutes.

Captain Clint DeBoer has some advice for anyone thinking about becoming a firefighter, “Get on the stairmill and start working pretty hard.”

In addition to taking the IPAT, the men and women at SFFR workout each day at their stations. If that’s not enough, some of the men at Station Eight in Sioux Falls say they even enjoy working out in their spare time!

Watch the video above to see if KDLT’s Ahtra Elnashar has what it takes to pass the IPAT.

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