USF Volleyball Team Delivers News Of Girl’s Granted Wish

SIOUX FALLS – A little girl we told you about last year got some great news Thursday. Adaline Christopherson is getting her wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Adaline has an immune disorder that reduces her ability to fight off infections. Last year, she became a member of the University of Sioux Falls volleyball team through the “Team Impact” program. Members of the volleyball team say they love the energy Adaline brings to the game.

Her mother found out about the wish and decided to let the team give Adaline the exciting news. So she called one of the coaches.

“I contacted Andrea (McCartney) and was like, ‘Hey I have big news that we’re going to get a wish. I think it would be very cool if they all found out together and that the volleyball girls were the ones who told her because she loves the girls so much,’” said Adaline’s mother, Alice Hanmer.

“It was touching for us that her mom wanted us to be a part of it and let her know because she could have had any other way to tell her,” said USF senior Janelle Lam. “So it kinda shows us how much of an impact we have on her as well.”

Adeline loves princesses and said her wish is to go to Disney World. The details of her wish have yet to be worked out.