Beer, Books, Storytelling and that Aha Moment

The REACH Brewhaha is a fundraiser with beer tasting, true tales and storytelling.

When you think reading, you think of beer, right? That’s the thought anyway behind this year’s REACH Brewhaha fundraiser. REACH is a small non-profit that teaches adults to read, write and improve life skills.

The event is March 30th from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and will feature seven storytellers from around the area that will  have five to 10 minutes to tell a true story. The theme this year is the Aha moment. Meaning when did you realize that reading, or writing or literacy could impact you or did impact or would change your life?

“We’re looking for that aha moment as in brewhaha,” Event Organizer Paige Carda said, “that moment when something changed your life or maybe reading changed your life. For me it was my seventh grade year when I realized that I can travel the world just by reading a book.”

The event takes place at the Museum of Visual Materials. Along with 14 great beers to sample, fantastic storytellers, and lots of food by Chef Jenni along with terrific baskets to bid on.

Tickets are preferred in advance and are $40 per person, $75 a couple or $300 for a table. Reserve your spot at

If you can’t make a reservation, walk-ups will be accepted.


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