PBR Bull Rider Gets To Experience Different Kind Of Rush In SD Air National Guard’s F-16

The PBR is in Sioux Falls for the third straight year with events on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. But the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center wasn’t the only stop on one bull rider’s list while in town. KDLT’s Jill Johnson takes us to the South Dakota Air National Guard where Stetson Lawerence got to experience the ride of his life.

Lawerence said, “I’m more calm getting on a bull because I can predict what’s going to happen.”

Lawerence is no stranger to an adrenaline rush. His living is making the most out of eight seconds. But today he’s suiting up for a different kind of ride in an F-16.

“I don’t know what to expect,” said Lawerence.

But first, the PBR Bull Rider was taken through some gear, ejection and parachute training.

Capt. Casey Minor, a pilot with the 114th Fighter Wing, said, “Squeeze your legs. Squeeze your abs. Squeeze your butt, and control your breathing.”

“Just the what if’s, but fingers crossed none of that’s going to happen,” said Lawerence.

Minor says typically they take other members of the unit who are retiring or being awarded up in the air, but having a celebrity on board gives allows them to show the rest of the world what they do.

“Lots of times, even people in Sioux Falls here, kind of like ‘Oh, what do you have out there? Oh, you fly jets out there?’ Like, ‘Oh yeah, we do’, it kind of makes me smile a little bit.”

Minor’s mission with Lawerence included heading west to the Chamberlain area for some flight formations.

Minor said, “He will get to see supersonic flight. We’ll go up there and see how he can handle the high intensity G-maneuvering and then just kind of get a feel for the jet itself and get a perspective that few people get to see.”

Minor said they would hit 8 G’s.

Lawerence said, “If I puke, I puke. If I pass out, I’ll get a good nap in I guess.”

We’re told Lawerence did get sick, about 45 minutes into the flight.

Clips from Stetson’s ride will be shown at the PBR Event at the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center on Saturday night.

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