The Yankton Indoor Archery Center To Nearly Double In Size


YANKTON, S.D. – Inside the Yankton Archery Center, archers can shoot 90 meters away from the target.

That’s nearly the size of a football field.

But many still believe the space is too small.

So the center is expanding, and the project could bring more Olympic athletes to the state.

“Back home I’m used to just shooting in a backyard with a hay bale, so here it’s pretty nice to be able to shoot 70 meters indoors,” says Mount Marty College student Callie Stevens.

For Stevens, grabbing a bow and arrow and aiming for the target at the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center is part of her daily routine.

“My friend Robby, he’s training with me to hopefully go to the qualifiers in 2019,” she says.

Not just any qualifiers, the Olympic qualifiers.

But the duo says there’s one thing that’s keeping them from hitting the bulls-eye.

“Some days it’ll get a little crammed in here because we’ll have a few big groups of people and we won’t have enough room to practice,” says Robby Weissinger a student at USD.

Soon, that’ll change.

“We’ll be adding just about 20,000 sq. ft.,” says National Field Archery Association president Bruce Cull.

Cull says the expansion will nearly double the range’s size.

And that’s a good thing because, “we’re hosting the Archery World Indoor Championship which requires a lot of space, a lot of room,” says Cull.

Five hundred athletes and trainers from around the globe will make their way to Yankton for the 2018 world competition.

Cull says the construction will be completed by then.

But he says the extra space will be beneficial for more than just the tournament.

“What we’re interested in is developing a year-round program to help facilitate and train those athletes in multiple sports and be recognized by the USOC to do that,” explains Cull.

Cull says this will attract more athletes, like Stevens and Weissinger, to choose Yankton as their training facility for the Olympic 2020 games.

“It’s like a dream come true honestly,” says Weissinger. “Being able to drive just 20 minutes from my college to shoot at this amazing facility, it’s a blessing.”

The expansion will cost $1.2 million.

The city of Yankton will be funding $400,000 of the cost.

The NFAA has also requested a grant from Game Fish and Parks.

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