USD’s Flack Finishes Third At College Slam Dunk Contest

Iowa's Peter Jok Wins Men's 3-Point Shootout

PHOENIX, AZ  —  When healthy, Coyote men’s basketball forward Tyler Flack proved himself to be one of the most spectacular dunkers the state has ever seen.

Last night he proved to the nation that he was one of the best dunkers in all of college basketball.

Flack one of 8 participating in the State Farm College Slam Dunk Contest at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix.  His first dunk might have been the best of anyone on the night.  Flack not only did a 360, he did another half rotation, dunking behind his head in what was described as a 540!  That scored a nearly perfect 49.9 and he advanced to the four person semifinals

The first of two dunks in the semifinals saw Tyler try to jump over Dylan Fishbach’s prosthetic leg and slam.  However, after two failed attempts, Flack completed a more modest slam to score a 32.   His final dunk of the round was a windmill 360 that got a 39.

With the fan vote deciding who would advance, Flack finished with 90 points, 0.9 short of eventual champion Rodney Pryor from Georgetown.

Former Iowa Hawkeye Peter Jok won the men’s three point shooting contest on his birthday, but lost to women’s champion Kindred Wesemann of Kansas State.

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