Annual Miss Amazing Pageant Continues At Augustana University

This is the third annual that South Dakota has hosted the event.

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- A new Miss Amazing South Dakota will be crowned Saturday at Augustana University.

This is the third annual that South Dakota has hosted the event.

Despite the stress of putting it together, organizers say the organization helps push girls with disabilities to believe in themselves.

“Just believe in who you are and don’t be scared about it and don’t be ashamed because God made you that way, “says Miss Amazing contestant Morgan Rolfson.

It’s a one of a kind pageant that empowers girls with disabilities to see that they too are beautiful and are capable of anything.

Miss Amazing started ten years ago and since then it’s been opening doors of opportunity to women like Morgan Rolfson.

“This pageant says it all; about your inner beauty, not your outer beauty, “says Rolfson.

Because true beauty, true radiance, comes from within and that’s the message the pageant is continuing to spread.

“Studies have shown that girls with disabilities have lower self-confidence and self-esteem. So this really helps make that higher and show them that they can do anything, “says South Dakota Miss Amazing state director Becca Worden.

It’s not every day that these women feel like queens, but once in a while that dream and desire to be a queen and represent their state is given to them.

The pageant is currently only held in 30 states, but organizers say their hope is that other states will give more girls an opportunity to compete as well.

“Often these girls are defined by what they can’t do and our program really shows them that they really can do anything, that they put their mind too, “says Worden.

Despite who wins, the organization says all of the contestants are winners and for Morgan, who’s always wanted to be in a pageant she says this program pushes her to achieve beyond what others see.

“It really has opened me so much and it has really encouraged me to do anything, I want in my life, “says Rolfson.

Ages 20 and up compete Sunday. The Miss Amazing national’s pageant will take place in Chicago in August.


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