Highway Patrol Target Specific Spots For Checkpoints

Agency Hopes For Results Similar To 2016 With New Enforcement Plan Policy

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.—The South Dakota Highway Patrol is planning DUI checkpoints in 19 counties in April.

While they appear to be in random locations, that’s not the case.

Captain Jason Husby said last year was the first year the agency starting tackling specific areas in the state.

“We want to work a specific area so we can gauge our success. Were we as successful? Are there things we could do better, things we could implement and do in a different area?” said Capt. Hubsy.

This year, they hope to see the promising statistics they noticed from the year before.

“The local squad sergeant, which is the supervisor, and the troopers are essentially tasks or challenged with coming up with a squad enforcement plan,” said Husby.

Problem areas are pinpointed if patrols notice an upward trend in DUI related crashes and arrests.

“They forward the statistics and the request to me, I review that, and I’ll either approve the sobriety check based on essentially that statistical data and the sergeant’s notation,” said Husby.

For example, Husby said Sioux Falls patrols targeted the area between Highway 42 and Highway 81.

In 2015, there were 2 DUI arrests but 14 crashes, nine injuries and one death in that stretch.

In 2016, the concentrated effort led to 12 DUI arrests, eight crashes, four injuries and no deaths in the same area.

The Chamberlain patrol set their sights on back, gravel roads.

“They noticed a trend of late evening, early morning single vehicle roll-overs with impaired drivers. That was a lot of the fatal crashes they were going to,” said Husby.

Husby said there was little to no activity documented in those areas in previous years.

In 2016, however, crews made six DUI arrests.

“That was six that didn’t get removed in the year before and we had the potential for a fatal crash,” said Husby.

Husby said seeing statistical proof gives them a sense of promise when looking to deter impaired driving.

“It’s encouraging when you see you can go into an area like that and have an impact on the regular, motoring public that just wants to get from point a to point b safely that hopefully you helped them do that,” said Husby.

Enforcement plans were due from the six squads Friday, highlighting a new area of concern.

For this year, Husby said a problem area highlighted in the Sioux Falls area is on the interstates.

24 checkpoints are scheduled through the month of April, in total.

April checkpoints are planned for the counties of Brown, Brule, Butte, Clay, Codington, Davison, Grant, Hughes, Jerauld, Lake, Lawrence, Meade, Minnehaha, Pennington, Roberts, Spink, Stanley, Walworth and Yankton.

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