Police: Sioux Falls Man Arrested After Attempted Traffic Stop Ends In Pursuit

SIOUX FALLS – Sioux Falls Police arrested a man after they say he led them on a pursuit after almost hit a few officers with his truck before fleeing into someone’s house and locking the door.

At around 9 p.m. Sunday, an officer saw a Ford 500 truck driving near 9th St. and Minnesota Ave. with no license plates. The officer attempted to stop the truck but the truck didn’t stop until it came to a red light. Assuming this was where the truck was stopping the officer got out of his car to talk to the driver who then sped away.

The driver of the truck pulled into the parking lot of the County Administration building. Officers then surrounded the truck and the passenger proceeded to get out but the driver locked the doors and refused to get out or talk to police. Officers explained that they were going to break the window but the driver still refused to do anything.

Once the officers broke the window the driver reversed the truck ramming into a police car. The driver put the truck in drive, ramming the police car in front of him before reversing and hitting the police car behind him a second time.

The driver then had enough room to get out and he sped off at a high rate of speed almost hitting a few officers. After a pursuit the driver stopped the truck near 1st St. and Sherman Ave. and started running.

He ran through some yards before entering a house in the area through a back door and locking himself in. The homeowner of the house had no idea who he was and unlocked the door to let police in. After some time police were able to arrest the man and police ended up finding both a small amount of marijuana and paraphernalia in his truck.

Police arrested Shawn Kaudingo, a 28-year-old from Sioux Falls, on the following charges:

  • 1st Degree Burglary
  • Aggravated Assault on Law Enforcement
  • Aggravated Eluding
  • Eluding
  • Obstruction
  • Reckless Driving
  • Driving Without a License
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Possession of Paraphernalia

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