Friends Remember Alicia Jumping Eagle

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Friends and family of Alicia Jumping Eagle have been sharing their memories of her on her Facebook page; many of which focus on her bright personality.

“A friend of mine messaged me and they said, I’m so sorry to hear about your friend and I hadn’t heard yet, “says Alicia’s friend Kevin Kroger.

Kevin Kroger wasn’t sure what happened to Alicia Jumping Eagle, his friend of three years.

And when friends reached out to him on Monday, asking if he had heard from her, he decided to send her a Facebook message.

“I put random letters in there even, just to send it you know. Looked and looked and see if she got it, then obviously I saw the news and I realized she never was going to get it, “says Kroger.

Kevin says he keeps looking at the message, hoping something might change.

“It was heartbreaking; it was like something was pulling my chest out.  I don’t know how to explain it; I was like what no way. She’s just a good person, it’s just really hurtful, really hard, “says Kroger.

Despite the pain, Kevin says it’s Alicia’s smile and caringness that made them click when they first met at treatment.

“She just always brought that positive energy wherever she was at, and you could just feel it and brought the mood up always and I’ll miss that, “says Kroger.

As the news continues regarding Alicia’s death, Kevin says he hopes many will remember her for the light, she brought in their lives.

“She was very generous; very kind if you showed up at her house and you need help. She would give it to you, “says Kroger.

A Take Back the Site vigil is being planned in honor of Alicia Jumping Eagle.

A date and time has not been set.

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