Get Up And Move In April

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- The American Heart Association is encouraging people to grab their friends, family or coworkers and “Move More” this month to improve their heart health. The AHA suggests kicking off April by taking part in National Walking Day, which is tomorrow, Wednesday, April 5.

By committing to a month of doing something physical every day, the AHA hopes people will continue to practice healthy habits and stay active all year. Chrissy Meyer from the AHA says it’s easier to be active when others are doing it with you. Meyer says the AHA has plenty of tools on their website to help people engage their schools and workplaces in their “Move More” initiative.

Incorporating physical activity in your everyday life can be as simple as walking 10 minutes per day or walking at the mall, according to Dr. Dustin Weiss from Avera Heart Hospital. Weiss says even if you walk as little as 30 minutes, three times per week, you can improve your heart and mental health, improve cholesterol, lower blood pressure and reduce your risk for diabetes.

Staying motivated can be the most challenging part about being active. According to the AHA, doing things like setting fitness goals, finding peer support and celebrating fitness successes can help you stay on track for better health and maintain healthy habits. For more information on the AHA and ways to get healthy, click here.


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