Sugar’s Closing Starts New Chapter For Owners

A Sioux Falls bakery has been serving up desserts at their west-side location for almost three years.  But soon, they’ll roll out their final batches of cupcakes, cookies and pastries.  Sugar’s at 26th Street and Marion Road is closing, though it might not be the end of this sweet story.

Kari Popham has made countless treats at her bakery, Sugar’s.  But, one gooey goody stands above the rest.

“My favorite is the chocolate eclairs.  They’re very delicious,” she says, laughing.

In just a few weeks, Kari is saying goodbye to one of her most elaborate creations: the store itself.  She’s closing Sugar’s at the end of the month.  A lifelong baker, Kari started this small business from humble beginnings five years ago.

“We converted a commercial kitchen in the basement of our home, did everything by order, made deliveries, my husband did a lot of the deliveries.  Our first customers were friends and family and just really expanded from there,” she recounts.

Kari says sales are good and she has steady customers.  But, now it’s time for her next adventure.  She and her husband co-own Sugar’s.  If you think of their family as a recipe, they’re about to add a new ingredient.

“We’re expecting our first child coming up in the next couple of months.  Running a business takes a lot of time and a lot of effort.  While we enjoy it we’re kind of looking forward to a new chapter in our life,” Kari explains.

They’re closing this chapter, but it could be the beginning of someone else’s story.  Sugar’s is up for sale and Kari says she’s talking to a few interested buyers.

As she prepares to hang up her apron at the bakery for good, she knows exactly what she’ll miss the most.

“The most difficult parts will be the people.  We’ve had a great staff throughout the years, our customers most of all.  And then personally I won’t have a variety of treats to eat from every day, so, I’ll have to do some home baking for myself too!”

Sugar’s officially closes April 23.  Kari says after taking a break from business to focus on being a mom, she’s thinking about teaching in-home dessert baking classes and maybe even starting an instructional video series.

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