App Helps Neighbors Stay Connected

More than 134,000 neighborhoods are using the app 'Nextdoor'

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – In this day and age, we often hear the saying ‘there’s an app for that.’

And now the concept of neighborhood watch is no exception.

Many in Sioux Falls are using a social media- based app to find out what’s going on in their neighborhood, whether that be for entertainment, or safety.

“It’s just like Facebook, you can scroll and see what people in the area are posting,” says Courtney Hurney. “You can post a message, you can poll your neighbors, add an event.”

The app is called ‘Nextdoor’ and it was created to let neighbors know what’s going on in their community.

“I get so busy, I don’t necessarily go next door and talk to my neighbor like I should,” admits Hurney.

Hurney is a long-time user of the app.

While she says it’s nice to see when neighbors are holding yard sales, or what recommendations they have for home repair, she spends most of her time in the crime and safety section.

“It’s nice to just have that, everyone is looking out for each other,” she says.

Hurney says this portion of the app became extremely useful when she recently encountered a ‘peeping Tom.’

“There was someone looking in my window, I live in a split foyer so the ground level windows are accessible,” explains Hurney.

After calling the police, Hurney posted what happened on the app.

“I had a lot of questions like can you give more of an idea of where, how did you see him and what happened; people are very curious.”

The Sioux Falls Police Department says it’s key that neighbors keep communication between one another.

“It really is an extra set of eyes and ear for us,” says Cpt. Loren McManus.

But when it comes to neighborhood safety, Cpt. McManus says there’s another way people can be proactive without using an app.

And that’s getting involved in the department’s neighborhood watch program.

“We have 60 neighborhood watch programs in the Sioux Falls area,” says Cpt. McManus.

The program teaches people how to keep their home safe, and how to be good witnesses.

McManus says whether it’s through an app or through the police department, he encourages everyone to look out for one another.

“Anytime you can find anything that can help you to keep your neighborhood area safe and protected, is going to be a good thing.”

‘Nextdoor’ is a free app.

According to their website, over 134,000 neighborhoods across the country are using the app.

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