Sioux Falls VA Celebrates National POW Recognition Day

SIOUX FALLS – Area prisoners of war and combat veterans were honored and recognized today for their sacrifices and bravery.

The Sioux Falls VA Health Care System and Dakotas Regional Office held a brunch to commemorate the Veterans that fought the Nazi’s in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. They sacrificed but of their youth during the wars and spent time in pow camps not knowing if they were going to live or not.

The prisoners were starved, beaten, under constant worry and stress by not knowing if they would live to see another day. One veteran described the day the war was over and he was finally free.

“And there from the seventh army was a colonel already, in a jeep and do you know what was on that jeep? The American flag. That today still brings a tear to my eye because it means freedom. What a glorious day that was,” said Marion “Jay” Jaycox, POW survivor.

Currently there are only nine surviving POW’s in South Dakota. Four from WWII, four from the Korean War and one from the Vietnam War.

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