Survey Reveals Residents Unhappy with Road Conditions

A quarter of citizens say they still want to see improvements on the repair and the maintenance of city streets

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- A randomly selected citizen survey given to residents in January is back with some results.

A quarter of citizens say they still want to see improvements on the repair and the maintenance of city streets.

It was the 2010 sanitary sewer collapse that gave Mayor Mike Huether and the city, a wake-up call that something had to change in the infrastructure and roads of Sioux Falls.

“That our infrastructure was struggling, it was crumbling and we needed to put our time, our attention, and our money towards this effort to rebuild it, “says Mayor Huether.

For the past 7 years, his efforts have gone towards fixing the roads, but a 2017 National Citizen Survey revealed, that a quarter of Sioux Falls residents still want to see improvements.

However, the mayor says the city can’t do the work alone; they need the support of the citizens.

“You can save your money now in terms of not repairing that road or not repairing that bridge or not addressing that sanitary sewer line. But it’s the future generations that are going to pay the ultimate price in a monster way, “says Mayor Huether.

So, we took to the streets of downtown Sioux Falls to hear from some citizens and the opinions were mixed.

“We came from North Dakota, where the roads are way worse. So my opinion is that I think that they are okay generally,”says Emily Spanier.

“I think if you want to get a sense of what the roads are like here; ride a bicycle somewhere and I think you would see that they are in desperate need of repair, “says Clint Brown.

“As early as February, I saw crews out patching holes not just once, but they come back a month later.  So I really do believe that the mayor and the city council are really trying to improve things and I’m just really encouraged about that, “says Leslie Black.

As road construction continues and although it might be a hassle; some do agree the work is always needed.

“I think often times we take the short term solution to fixing it. Which is just put a patch on it, put a bandage til the next season. I think it might be time every once in a while to make the investment and make a fix for ten years, “says Brown.

“So if road construction means safer roads for everybody, then I think we are all on board with that, “says Spanier.

So as the weather starts to warm up, the mayor has a message for all citizens.

“There’s going to be orange barrels everywhere in about 30 to 60 days. So get ready, “says Mayor Huether.

The mayor says the city has repaired, rebuilt, and replaced over 430 miles of roads.

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