Exotic Animal Society Says Have No Fear Of Their Creatures

Sioux Falls Herpetological Society Stops By KDLT Studio

SIOUX FALLS – When it comes to snakes, lizards, frogs, tortoises and everything in-between, one group says there’s no reason to fret.  The Sioux Falls Herpetological Society is a nonprofit that aims to educate the public about reptiles and amphibians and show people there’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to their crew!

The group does demonstrations at pet stores and even stops by schools to introduce the cold-blooded creatures to kids and adults.  Monday evening, they brought their exotic animals to the KDLT studio.  It was certainly a memorable newscast!  We got to meet, touch and hold a variety of interesting species, from a red-tailed boa constrictor to bearded dragons and even a sulcata tortoise named “Carl.”

For more information on the Herpetological Society, click here.

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