Sioux Falls’ First Chartered Little League Kicks Off April 25th

SIOUX FALLS – For the first time ever, Sioux Falls Little League will give young baseball players the chance to compete to someday play in the Little League World Series.

Most kids around Sioux Falls play in the Sioux Empire Baseball Association, on town teams or traveling teams. Sioux Falls Little League is a non-profit organization under the Little League umbrella.

The league will start its first year with only four teams with hopes of adding more in the near future.

“We’d love to, you know, have some success and really start to create our own traditions and culture and winning attitudes here and get kids starting out in tee ball and aspiring to be in that majors division when they are 11 and 12 and having that opportunity to go to the Little League World Series,” said Travis Eastman the President of Sioux Falls Little League.

“Well, I’ve been watching it since a little kid so I mean it would be so awesome and I just hope we can do it,” said Brayden Pankonen a Sioux Falls Little Leaguer.

The inaugural games are on Tuesday, April 25th at Cherry Rock Park.

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