State DOC Searching For Inmates Placed On Escape Status

Two inmates were permitted to leave to look for jobs, but did not return

Two inmates who were allowed to leave the Sioux Falls Community Work Center to look for jobs did not come back. The state DOC is now looking for the men.

The Department of Corrections says 31-year-old Michael Clark and 28-year-old Sean Kilbourn left the minimum-security facility on the grounds of the state prison Thursday to search for employment.  They did not return when they were supposed to, so escape procedures were enacted.

31-year-old Michael Clark

DOC says Clark is 5’8’’, weighing about 160 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.  He’s serving an eight-year sentence out of Charles Mix County for grand theft and two concurrent sentences for burglary out of Miner County.

28-year-old Sean Kilbourn

Kilbourn is 5’9’ and weighs about 155 pounds.  He’s serving a four-year sentence out of Tripp County for unauthorized ingestion of a controlled substance.

Anyone who sees or knows of their whereabouts should contact law enforcement immediately.

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