FULL STORY: Police Put Domestic Violence In Spotlight After Woman Allegedly Strangled, Raped

Police are highlighting a case of domestic violence after they say a Sioux Falls woman was strangled several times and raped by her boyfriend. He is currently behind bars, but police say the victim’s situation is similar to what they see all the time.

“We’re just glad she finally did call police,” said Sioux Falls Police Officer Sam Clemens.

Police say they received the first report of the domestic violence on April 1. They say 26-year-old DeMarcus Bethany strangled his 27-year-old girlfriend twice. He was arrested the next day, but released from jail on the condition that he have no contact with the victim. Police say he did it anyway.

Clemens said, “He kind of laid some guilty on her saying it was her fault that he was in jail and he just wanted to patch up the relationship.”

Police say this is a common pattern they see between the abusers and victims of domestic violence.

“These people are really good about talking and convincing and really laying on the guilt trip. Some of it’s them apologizing, ‘hey, I went too far’, ‘don’t take my kids away from me’,” said Clemens.

The woman agreed to meet Bethany at the RedRock Inn on April 3, where police say he raped her. She reported the incident Thursday after police say Bethany continued to reach out to her.

“He had already been arrested and charged and released from jail but… it kept him away from the house but it really didn’t change much as far as his behavior,” Clemens said.

Police say this is a textbook case of how dangerous these relationships can be. They say anyone who is a victim should reach out to them right away.

According to the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office website,  Bethany was booked in jail again Friday morning.  He is facing charges for 2nd degree rape, simple and aggravated assault, and violating a no contact bond.

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