Safety A Focus With Lawn Care Season Approaching

Avera Health Says Serious Lawn Care Accidents "Aren't Rare"

One person was sent to a Sioux Falls hospital Friday morning after losing several toes in a lawn mower accident.

Dr. Katie Dejong with Avera Health said these kinds of accidents aren’t rare.

She said this time of year, when the weather it warming up, is when they see more people in the emergency room.

“I can definitely recall very serious accidents that we have taken care of, people that have been involved in very serious injuries from lawn mowing,” said Dr. Dejong.

The two most common injuries they see come from accidents involving lawn mowers and ladders.

When it comes to machinery, James Hammer, owner of Equity Lawn Care in Sioux Falls, said safety cannot be achieved without maintenance.

“Make sure your safety equipment is set properly. For instance, there are a couple sensors like typically on mowers, if there’s a seat sensor, if you get off the mower the blades should stop,” said Hammer.

When it comes to ladders, Hammer said don’t do any work if you feel uncomfortable.

Dr. Dejong emphasized caution while climbing up a ladder.

“Make sure you’re on flat ground, make sure you have someone stabilizing the ladder below you and those things are just small things you can do to really save lives and to prevent damage,” said Dr. Dejong.

Another issue comes with gardening.

Hammer said to make sure there is nothing underneath the ground, such as power lines, where digging may occur.

“It’s important to make sure you’re not hitting any lines. I believe you need to call the number and get everything marked before you dig or plant or try to do any type of landscape work. It’s important to make sure everything is marked,” said Hammer.

Dr. Dejong also said proper lawn care attire can prevent major injuries.

She recommends putting on a pair of tennis sneaker rather than flip flops.

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