Organization Provides Easter Egg Hunt for Children with Disabilities

Over ten thousand eggs were scooped by kids at the third annual Operation Addy Easter egg hunt

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- An Easter egg hunt that includes children with disabilities took place today at the Sioux Empire Fairgrounds.

Over ten thousand eggs were scooped by kids at the third annual Operation Addy Easter egg hunt.

And off they went to hunt for their eggs, each with the goal to fill their buckets, but this Easter egg hunt was like no other.

The hunt was split into age groups 0 to 12 years old and also had a section for children with disabilities.

“We didn’t want to leave people out so we made a section for that, “says Operation Addy’s President Tony Tripp.

The charity’s founder Tripp says the idea to have a section for children with disabilities came from community members after Operation Addy’s first Easter egg hunt in 2015.

Parents say it’s made the hunt not only less stressful but more cherishable for them and their children.

“For her to try and fight against the other kids would not have been easier for her, so with the assisted there were fewer children over there. So she got to really take time and pick them up and do her own thing, “says Attendee Gwen Moldenhauer.

Whether it was the kids first time or third time attending, each went home with a bucket full and a smile.

“I like that I get to see my sister enjoy it and I like getting candy and the eggs and stuff, “says Attendee Damien Woods.

“It’s nice because he sets this all up for everyone to join. Even if some people come late, he makes it up to them, so they can get some stuff out of it too, “says Attendee Jaedyn Jacks.

Tony says it’s their goal to listen to the needs of the community and give back and the response has been very appreciative.

“It’s nice that there’s someone who has a heart that’s bigger than their soul and gives back, “says Attendee Val Jacks.

With over 10 thousands eggs given out, some are still trying to master how they can get more next year.

“I thought of something, so like grab two at a time, so I could get like double, “says Woods.

Families enjoyed a free meal after the hunt.

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