Police Frustrated That Message Isn’t Being Heard: 6 Guns Stolen From Unlocked Vehicles

Sioux Falls Police say they’re frustrated that an important message isn’t getting through to the public. They continue to have to urge people to lock their vehicles after six guns were stolen from unlocked cars over the weekend.

“It’s very frustrating. We keep hitting this message over and over again,” said Sioux Falls Police Officer Sam Clemens.

In no particular part of town, the northeast, east and southwest, six handguns were taken on Friday, Saturday, Sunday from three different vehicles over the weekend.

“It’s just a crime of opportunity. They’re just, they’re checking car doors and if they find one that’s open they’re going to take whatever valuables they find inside,” Clemens said.

Police say four guns, including ammunition, were taken from one vehicle alone.

Clemens said, “We’ve got four guns and a whole lot of ammunition that are floating around out there now and we don’t know who has it or what they could do with it.”

A couple of the victims thought that they had locked their doors, but police say there was no forced entry to any of the vehicles.

“We see the same thing with stolen vehicles. Keys are left in the cars and the cars aren’t locked and people are surprised when their car disappears,” Clemens said.

Police say despite their warnings, they hear from some victims who say they just didn’t think it could happen to them.

Clemens said, “If you continue to leave valuables in cars and leave your cars unlocked, it’s a matter of time before the right person comes along and opens the door and walks away with your property.”

Police say don’t leave your guns in your car and no matter what don’t leave your car unlocked. If nothing else, knowing the gun’s serial number helps police get it back to the rightful owner if it is recovered. However, sometimes police say they take years to recover.

Last year, police say there were 154 guns stolen throughout the city of Sioux Falls; from homes and vehicles. So far this year, 31 guns have been stolen.

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