Golf Bags Left Unattended Stolen At Two Sioux Falls Courses

Theft took place last week

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- It’s a situation many golfers say they’ve never heard of before in Sioux Falls: golf bags containing clubs and other belongings stolen at two different golf courses.

On Saturday, a golfer at Willow Run had $3,900 worth of equipment taken while their bag was left unattended for just a couple minutes.  Earlier last week, two similar crimes happened at Elmwood Golf Course.

On a nice sunny day, you can catch Peter O’Brien at Elmwood golf course perfecting his game.

“I leave my clubs sitting outside just put them on the ground and I really don’t have any worry about it,” says O’Brien.

He says his game is improving each year thanks to having the right equipment, which comes at a price.

“A couple hundred dollars for a full set of clubs,” says O’Brien.

But now, Peter along with other golfers say they’re a little more cautious on the course after a couple incidents at Elmwood just last week.

Two golfers’ bags were stolen, containing their clubs and other belongings like a range finder and even a watch.  The golfers had stepped away from their bags for just a few minutes; one theft happened while the golfer was in the clubhouse and the other happened in the practice area.  At Willow, the theft took place while one golfer stopped in the clubhouse in-between the front and back nines.  His clubs were stolen off of a motorized golf cart parked outside the clubhouse entrance.

“Very odd to have been here for 30 years and not ever have it happen and then to have it happen twice in two days. Obviously, we knew it was some odd occurrence,” says President of Dakota golf management Tom Jansa.

Avid golfers are left shocked by the theft.

“Doesn’t usually happen in Sioux Falls; we don’t have a lot of incidents especially at the golf courses,” says Dolly Wait.

O’Brien adds, “People are usually pretty honest and courteous to each other. You wonder if it’s somebody who doesn’t play golf.”

So as golf season gets into full swing, players aren’t just having to keep an eye on their golf ball, but on all their equipment.

“You get used to your clubs and you don’t want to have to go buy a new one just because it’s been stolen. I mean new clubs are great when new ones come out, but having them stolen from you is very sad, “says Wait.

Police say they have no suspects in any of the three cases.

Willow Run says they will be adding extra security cameras and the staff at Elmwood are informing their customers about the incidents.

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