Augie Takes Part In White Ribbon Campaign For Sexual Assault Awareness Month

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Augustana University is joining in on a national campaign during Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

The White Ribbon campaign encourages men on campuses to talk about sexual assault and stopping the violence against women.

Students were asked to sign a pledge to be the voices that step up and say something.

The University says they not only want to engage the men on campus, but bring the issue to light to everyone.

“They can be the ones to stand up and stop this and not just to walk by if you are seeing something to really engage people and find out what’s happening. You need to be the voice so we need to be the ones that step in and say hey somethings happening. That’s our goal is to really get people to start thinking about it to say yup I am going to step up and stand up and say something about it.” said Lindsey Roberts a Violence Prevention Coordinator.

If students were not able to attend today’s event they can still get involved with the campuses organization called “It’s On Us.”

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