Lincoln County State’s Attorney Reviewing Controversial Facebook Video

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Police say a Sioux Falls man is being investigated by the Lincoln County State’s Attorney’s Office for a Facebook Live video.

In the video, he showed multiple guns and warned viewers to “be scared.”

Authorities say the state’s attorney’s office is investigating whether Ehab Jaber legally owns those weapons and if his language in the video was threatening.

Courtesy: Ehab Jaber

Earlier this month, Jaber showed up to what was reported to be an “anti-Muslim” event at the Hilton Garden Inn South.

Police say a security guard noticed some guns on Jaber and told him the building doesn’t allow guns and asked Jaber to leave and he did.

Jaber then went in his car and started a Facebook Live video; pulling out multiple guns.

“And if you really want to be scared, be scared,” says Jaber in the video.

Police say no charges have been brought against Jaber, but the Lincoln county state’s attorney’s office is investigating the guns shown in the video and the language used.

“Basically, what they were evaluating was if he legally possessed the weapons that you see in the video and if his language in those videos was assaultive or threatening in any way,” says Lieutenant Mike Colwill of the Sioux Falls Police Department.

Police say the department along with FBI agents spoke with Jaber, and he has been cooperative.

Police say although they can’t control what people say on social media, they can evaluate the content of the message.

“Everybody has their own right to go on Facebook and talk about their opinion and give their opinion. As long as they are not threatening or being assaultive towards anyone,” says Colwill.

When it comes to social media posts or videos that may seem alarming, police say they encourage the public to contact them.

Jaber says while his video may not have been the best approach, he had no intention of threatening anyone.

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