New Program Helps VA Reach Out To At-Risk Vets

REACH VET Aimed At Preventing Suicides

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs says they’re trying to reach at-risk veterans before it’s too late.

The VA says 20 veterans die by suicide every day. Their new program called ‘REACH VET’ is aimed at providing preventative care and support before a Veteran even has suicidal thoughts. REACH VET analyzes existing data from Veterans’ health records to identify those at higher risk for suicide, hospitalization, or other illness. Once a Veteran is identified, his or her provider will reach out to check on their well being.

REACH VET Coordinator Krystal Lohff said, “It’s a good way to kind of reach out to them and say ‘hey, as a provider I need to see about ways to enhance treatment for this veteran.”

The program began as a pilot last year, and is now fully implemented across the VA. The coordinator in Sioux Falls says she’s managed around 100 patients since the program began.


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