In A League Of Their Own

Sioux Falls Little League to kick off inaugural season with traditional opening ceremonies.


No longer will kids in the Sioux Falls area have to dream about playing in the Little League World Series, they can now make it a reality.

Travis Eastman, the president of Sioux Falls Little League says the new league will take baby steps in its inaugural season, starting with just four teams.

“Within Little League, kids can start with tee ball and work their way through coach pitch, kid pitch and the minors and majors divisions.” Eastman said, “The majors division is what you see at the Little League World Series. They are kids 11 and 12 years of age primarily. We’d love to at some point grow our program so we can offer on down to the tee ball level. We’d also like to add little league softball with the girls.”

Sioux Falls has other baseball organizations that are not affiliated or chartered with Little League.

The difference with little league is it is a non-profit organization that relies on volunteers and parents to coach, run concession stands and umpire.

“No one is drawing a paycheck to run the program.” Eastman said, “Some of the rules are different in Little League plus there is the lure of playing in the Little League World Series.”

The reason it took Sioux Falls such a long time to gain a chartered Little League is there just wasn’t enough fields to play and practice on.

“Sioux Falls Little League worked very closely with the Sioux Falls Parks and Rec Department to find a place for us to play.” Eastman said, “The four teams will practice and play on the two fields at Cherry Rock Park.”

The first games are on Tuesday, April 25th, starting with the Little League opening ceremonies prior to the games AT 6:30 p.m. Players will receive official Little League pins and the league will also recognize all of the people who have helped start little league baseball in Sioux Falls.

All four teams will play in two different games. The teams will partner with the Harrisburg little league for interleague games throughout the season.

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