Project NICE And KEEP Underway In Sioux Falls, Mayor Lends A Hand

For the 28th year, the city is cleaning up several Sioux Falls neighborhoods.

Project NICE and KEEP began after the city noticed an increase in the number or nuisance calls each year. The city now identifies several older neighborhoods or areas where people don’t have the means to take their unwanted items to the landfill. This year, crews are picking up items in four neighborhoods in the southwest, southeast and the northeast part of town.

Mayor Mike Huether volunteers with the cleanup for several days every year. He says it’s a great way to get to know the residents and the neighborhoods of Sioux Falls.

Huether said, “If we could just kind of maintain that beauty, ensure that neighbors are maintaining their properties and if we can help them with that then it’s good for the entire city as a whole.”

Each year, the Sioux Falls Health Department receives around 1,800 nuisance calls. Since the projects began,  the city has been able to keep the number of cases the same despite a 33 percent increase in the population.

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