Sanford Could Pioneer Malaria Vaccine; World Health Organization Starting Trial

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Sanford may be one of the only clinics in the world to administer the first-ever vaccine for malaria.

The World Health Organization is starting a new trial of the vaccine. Sanford has 20 clinics in Ghana, where they often treat patients suffering from malaria, many of them children.

Doctor Scott Boyens runs Sanford’s International Clinics. If Sanford is chosen to test this new vaccine, Dr. Boyens says they wouldn’t be doing it for the money, but for a much greater purpose.

“We’re hoping, through our efforts and a good partner in-country that we can come together and make a healthcare operation that’s sustainable over time,” said Dr. Boyens.

Dr. Boyens says if the vaccine is a success, it could open the door to treat other diseases, like aids.

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