Terry Redlin Unfinished Art Displayed For First Time Ever

Fans and collectors of Terry Redlin now have the chance to see the artist's process.

WATERTOWN, S.D. – It’s been a year since famed artist and Watertown native Terry Redlin passed away. Never before has one of his paintings been showcased unfinished, until now.

Redlin retired from painting in 2007 after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. His family found three unfinished pieces of art in his studio.

“There were three paintings in particular we knew he was working on as a set,” Julie Ranum, Executive Director of the Redlin Art Center said, “this is an opportunity to see Terry’s process. An opportunity to imagine what he may have added next. So its truly a special gift. One that he left behind for us and one that we are delighted to share.”

The three paintings are all in various stages and will be displayed at different times to commemorate the life of the late artist.

“Our plan is for the next three years, on the anniversary of Terry’s death, to commemorate him.” Ranum said, “Each year we will bring out the next painting and it will be an opportunity for people to come and see what he was working on.”

It will also give people the chance to imagine what the piece would look like.

The first painting on display is titled, Sunrise. It was first unveiled on Monday, April 24th, the anniversary date of Redlin’s death. It will stay on display until July 24th and then be placed back in the achieves.

At this time the Redlin family is not sure if the unfinished work will ever be a part of the permanent collection on display.

There is a commemorative print of the unfinished piece available for collectors and fans to own a small piece of a Terry Redlin painting. Those prints are available through this year. The next unfinished painting will be unveiled on April 24th, 2018.



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