Adventures With Ahtra: Kickboxing

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- During cold weather, a great way to blow off some steam indoors is with some kickboxing. In this week’s “Adventures with Ahtra” KDLT’s Ahtra Elnashar went to 9Round Fitness in Sioux Falls to try out their kickboxing workout.

9Round Fitness is based on nine rounds of high-intensity, full-body workouts designed to work each muscle group. Before you start, you have to wrap your wrists to protect your hands and knuckles during punches.

To see if Ahtra was able to handle all nine rounds, watch the video above.

At 9 Rounds Fitness, there are no set schedules or class times. Members can come in at their convenience and there is always a trainer there to work with them. Each workout lasts about 30 minutes. David Borchardt, their head trainer says his favorite part of the job is working with the members and building relationships with them.

“The members in here know more about me than my family does. You know, it’s just unbelievable the kind of relationships I build with them,” says Borchardt.

9Round Fitness is holding a 3-month membership special for the summer called the “Summer Sizzler.”

There are two 9Round Fitness locations in Sioux Falls. For more information on memberships and locations, click here.

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