Kingswood Rummage Sale Bringing People Together

SIOUX FALLS, S.D – The chilly weather hasn’t stopped diehard bargain hunters from exploring the 39th Annual Kingswood Rummage Sale in Sioux Falls.  Around 350 households are participating in the 4-Day event this year.  Organizers said it draws thousands of area shoppers every year.

It’s always a rush of excitement to find the best deals at the annual Kingswood Rummage sale.  The bargains have kept people coming back each year.  Like one group of ladies who planned a big girls trip around the event.

Kingswood Rummage Sale Bargain Finder Sarah Thomas said, “It’s a good reason just I guess to get-together and gossip.  Get caught up with our life as well as find some good deals.  We all have children so that’s the cheapest finds that we can get.”

Some of them traveled all the way from Fargo, North Dakota to be here, and they came prepared.

“We try to make a list. Everybody has something on their mind that they that they’re looking for.  Our friend needed a stroller and she just made the purchase now,” said Kingswood Rummage Sale Bargain Finder Rachel Chamblin.

You may think everyone is selling their things at the rummage sale to make a little extra cash, but the Lutheran High School of Sioux Falls actually uses this event as a way to raise money for students’ tuition.  Board member Vaughn Muyer said, this is the 4th year they have brought donated items to sell at the Kingswood Rummage sale for the school.

“It is just by donations and tuition that it is functioning.  So however we can get a few dollars and some cash, that’s what helps keep the school running,” said Muyer.

Muyer said even with all the hard work it takes to put on the rummage sale, it’s worth it in the end.

“All of us getting together is a good social time as well,” said Muyer.

Organizers of the Kingswood Rummage Sale said all of the registered participants are on their website, which shows addresses and some of the items being sold.  The event ends tomorrow.


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