Residents Grade President Trump’s First 100 Days

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Saturday marks 100 days of President Donald Trump being in office

Residents of Sioux Falls weighed in on the president’s first 100 days and what grade they would give him.

“We will face challenges, we will confront hardships, but we will get the job done, “said President Trump in his inaugural speech.

With President Donald Trump’s first 100 days approaching, many are evaluating whether he kept his promises.

Even before being sworn in, the president vowed to make “America Great Again”, with promises such as building a border wall, tax changes, and health care reform.

Residents in Sioux Falls expressed their opinions about President Trump’s first 100 days and what grade they would assign him and many had mixed emotions.

One person saying, “So thankful for this man, he is doing a marvelous job. We will give him an A+”

Another saying,” I totally support my president, God bless you, President Trump”.

“I would give him a D, I think a lot of the reason for that is I feel like he’s not focusing in on pushing America in a good direction right now.  I feel like we have kind of gone backward on a lot of the policies that I had agreed on over the last eight years, “says Brandon Hess.

“I’m concerned that President Trump hasn’t kept his promise to the American people about health care, “says Shelly Ten Napel.

Despite the different views, residents say they are hopeful change will come.

“I want him to do well and I definitely want the country to do well. I think he has learned a lot, it feels like over the last 100 days where a lot of his policies have met some resistance and I feel like he’s made some changes, “says Hess.

“We have seen things in a lot of different directions. So I guess there is always hope that things improve over time, but I think we are all waiting to see, “says Ten Naple.

The federal government was in jeopardy of a shutdown, but congress passed a one-week extension Friday, giving lawmakers more time to negotiate a spending bill.

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