Kiwanis Club Gives Free Groceries to Sioux Falls Family

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- A Sioux Falls woman and her family were able to get around 900 dollars’ worth of groceries at Sunshine Foods today for free.

She was selected through the Sioux Falls East Kiwanis Club’s “Supermarket Sweep Raffle”.

Two minutes was all Clint had, to fill up two carts with anything he wanted in the store.

“I bought some tickets and three or four days later, he came down and said you are the winner, “says Winner of the “Supermarket Sweep Raffle” Barb Remillard.

See Clint is helping out his aunt Barb Remillard. She was selected as the winner of the Kiwanis Club Supermarket Sweep Raffle.

Barb never thought a raffle ticket to help children could come back in return to helping her and her family.

“Most of these guys are just getting out of college my nieces and stuff, so it’s nice that I can help them, “says Remillard.

All through life, Barb says her family has been by her side even through the dark times.

“2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I have had my journey, I had 16 rounds of chemo, but I am a survivor and life is good, “says Remillard.

And Barb says life continues to be good to her because of her family’s support.

“They were there the whole step of the way. So I can’t thank them enough, so it’s kind of my way of saying thank you, they have been my rock forever, “says Remillard.

Her thank you’s don’t just extend to her family, but the people that made the shopping spree possible.

“We are just so honored to be able to do this as a group. Our group is around 30 individuals, it’s really great to see that we can be an impact on the community, “says Chairperson for the Kiwanis Club Supermarket Sweep Raffle Shelly Buseman.

So as they pack all the meat produce away, there’s only one thing on their mind.

“I don’t know we might have to go home and cook some steaks for breakfast,  I don’t know, “says Remillard with a laugh on her face.

Barb and her family are the third families the Kiwanis Club has helped.

The raffle is open to U.S. residents age 18 and older except Kiwanis members.

Tickets can be bought at Sunshine Food Stores in Sioux Falls and Brandon.

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