April Showers Bring May Snow Showers

Snowstorm Breaks Records Across the Sioux Empire

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. –  The Spring Snowstorm was a record breaker for the Sioux Empire.  The National Weather Service said Sioux Falls set new daily records for snowfall yesterday and today.  You know what they say, April showers bring May snow showers.  Well, not really, but if you already planted your Spring flowers and plants, don’t worry.

Sioux Falls National Weather Service Hydrologist, Mike Gillispie said, “If you do have a snow cover out there and you get the cold temperatures, it will insulate the plants and having that additional water on them makes it harder to freeze. As water freezes, it releases some heat, keeps those temperatures up a little bit.”

Believe it or not, the snow has even more benefits for plants and crops.

“With a snowfall and then a melt over the next 6-12 hours, that’s like getting that inch of rain over a 12 hour period rather than a thunderstorm where you get an inch of rain in a 30 minute to 1 our period,” said Gillispie.

Even with all this in mind that may not be enough to convince some Sioux Falls residents.

“I absolutely hate snow.  I wish it was Summer.  I like it when it’s warm out and the fact that is snowing now sucks walking around campus,” said Augustana University student, Jenae Phelps.

The only records that we’ll come close to breaking over the near future will have to do with sunshine and warmth.  Of course meteorologists will tell you, it’s never too late for snow, which some Sioux Falls residents actually agreed.

“I just like seeing the white snow on the ground it really paints a pretty picture around campus,” said Augustana University student, Derek Somnis.

The storm also brought much needed moisture.  The Sioux Empire was drier than normal before this storm.  Now, precipitation is right around average.


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