SF City Council Passes New Smoke-Free Ordinance

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Sioux Falls city councilors passed a new smoking ban with flying colors Tuesday night.

The ordinance does not restrict all tobacco use on city owned properties and parks, but it does require people to go to a specific place before lighting up.

At all city owned buildings smoking will be prohibited 25 feet from the entrance.

That’s just one compromise councilors approved in this new ordinance that passed 8 to 0.

Another deals with city golf courses.

Instead of banning tobacco on all city owned golf courses like a previous ordinance suggested last year, smokers will just have to avoid areas near the club houses.

Smoking won’t be allowed at ticket, boarding and waiting areas of bus depots either.

And events like Jazz Fest will have to have a specific area designated for smoking.

That’s something a 9-year-old girl is happy to hear.

“This will help to make the outside air cleaner and safer yet respects everybody,” says Hannah Nesdahl. “I’m excited that with this compromise I can go to Jazz Fest with my family and dance my moves without having an asthma attack. That will be wonderful.”

But not everyone was happy.

The ordinance doesn’t have a fine for those who smoke where they aren’t supposed to, but it does say if someone isn’t complying, police can get involved.

And one woman says that’s going too far.

“We don’t need a dictatorship city here,” says Sierra Broussard. “This is getting like Putin and all the other countries, this is where this is getting us. We have a dictator and leaders coming in city government, this is too overbearing for this.”

However, counselors say this ordinance is all about compromise.

It was important for them to respect those who do smoke but still protect those who don’t, especially the youth from second hand smoke.

Mayor Mike Huether has made it clear he’s wanted a smoking ban to be put into place.

So after the vote, he said he’s very proud and signed the ordinance right away.

Back in December, council members passed a watered down version of Tuesday night’s ordinance, banning smoking from city owned parks where youth activities take place.

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