Amendment Backers Hope To Tap Anger Over Ethics Law Repeal

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) – Supporters of a proposed constitutional amendment that would make it harder for the Legislature to tamper with voter initiatives hope to harness anger over lawmakers’ repeal of a voter-approved ethics measure to advance their cause.

Roxanne Weber, a co-sponsor of the amendment, said Wednesday that it would make the Legislature more accountable to voters. The plan would require a two-thirds vote in each legislative chamber to repeal or amend ballot initiatives for seven years after they become law.

Supporters would have to submit nearly 28,000 valid signatures to the secretary of state by November 2017 for it to appear on the 2018 ballot

Republican Sen. Jim Bolin says he likely wouldn’t support the amendment. He says legislators who run for office should be given deference to deal with such laws.

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