Lake County Sheriff Credits Multiple Agencies’ Help In Arresting Standoff Suspect

LAKE COUNTY, S.D. – A man accused of shooting a McCook County deputy this morning is in custody after a long standoff in a neighboring county.

The incident spilled over into Lake County eventually to the intersection of 453rd Avenue and 243rd Street.

That’s where authorities spent hours trying to take 37-year-old Matthew Rumbolz into custody.

Rumbolz was armed with a shot gun, but no further injuries took place.

Officials say that’s thanks to the multiple agencies that responded.

“When you hear these types of tragedies happen over the radio, we don’t make the phone call, they come,” says Lake County Sheriff Tim Walburg.

Dozens of law enforcement agencies fled to Lake County when they heard a McCook Count y deputy was shot.

“With so many different agencies that were willing to help and step in was an amazing experience,” says Walburg.

And those agencies assisted for a while, as the active shooter situation began overnight.

“Just before 2 o’clock this morning we were notified that a McCook County officer was in pursuit with a vehicle which ended in Lake County near the intersection of 453rd and 243rd street,” says Walburg.

The suspect’s car went into a ditch and soon after shots were fired.

“A deputy approached the vehicle to try to notify the suspect, gunfire was exchanged between a suspect and deputy, a deputy was shot in the arm,” says Walburg.

The name of that deputy has not been released, but officials say he has been released from the Madison hospital and is in good condition.

“When you work really closely with these individuals on a daily basis, you’re caring for them but it continues with their family because they’re traumatically affected as well,” says Walburg who knows the deputy personally.

Rumbolz fled the scene north on foot.

Officers found him not far from where the shooting happened in a ditch around 10 a.m.

He was taken into custody at 3:45 p.m.

“We’d like to think that things like this don’t happen here, but as you continue to watch the news things are happening and we try to prepare our staff and educate the public the best we can,” says Walburg.

As of now, it’s still unknown what charges Rumbolz will face.

Multiple agencies are working on this case including the state Division of Criminal Investigation, and the sheriff’s departments of McCook County, Lake County, Brookings County and Minnehaha County.

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