Suspect In McCook County Stand-Off Has Surrendered To Law Enforcement

MONTROSE, S.D. -A Montrose man is in custody after a McCook County deputy was shot in the arm early Wednesday morning.

The suspect has been identified as 37-year-old Matthew Rumbolz.

It took 4 hours for law enforcement to get Rumbolz to surrender this afternoon, but it took even longer to locate him. The incident started in McCook County when a deputy was in pursuit of Rumbolz for a traffic violation.
That pursuit went into Lake County where officials say Rumbolz went into a ditch near the intersection of 453 and 243 St. and that’s when shots were fired.

The McCook deputy was shot in the arm but has already been released from the Madison hospital and is in good condition.

Rumbolz was found in a ditch armed with a shotgun around 10 a.m. and he surrendered to law enforcement at 3:45 p.m.

“There was a period of time there where communication had stopped. Attempts were made to reaccess communication again which was very successful again over the course of the 3 to 4 hour time frame,” said Lake County Sheriff  Tim Walburg.

Officers have not released if any drugs were located in Rumbolz car or if alcohol played a factor.

The name of the deputy as well as what charges Rumbolz is facing have not been released either.

Multiple agencies are working on this case including DCI, McCook County, Lake County, Brookings County and the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office.


*** 3:55 PM UPDATE ***

Authorities say the suspect, Matthew Rumbolz has surrendered to authorities.

*** 1:45 PM UPDATE ***

Authorities have identified the suspect accused of shooting a McCook County Deputy earlier this morning. Authorities identify him as 37-year-old Matthew Rumbolz of Montrose. Negotiators are continuing talking with Rumbolz. They say he is armed with a shot gun. Stay with KDLT News for more information.

*** 10 AM UPDATE ***

Authorities confirm they have located the suspect accused of shooting a McCook County Deputy earlier this morning. He’s located near the intersection where the shooting happened around 3:00 a.m. just south of Madison. According to authorities, the suspect is in a ditch and negotiators are talking with him, trying to work on a peaceful surrender. The deputy who was shot has not been identified. He was taken to the hospital in Madison and has since been released and is doing well. He has been with the department for two years. Details on the extent of his injuries have not been released. Several agencies are involved in this case. Authorities don’t feel there is any immediate threat to the public at this time as they work to get the suspect to surrender.

*** 9 AM UPDATE ***
Authorities are still on the scene in Lake County where a suspect is on the loose after shooting a deputy in the arm early this morning. Authorities from North Dakota have come to help in the search efforts. Helicopters are also circling the area looking for any signs of the suspect in the parameter just south of Madison. KDLT News has had a crew on scene all morning and will continue to bring you updates as they become available.

* * * 8 AM UPDATE * * *

Authorities say that the suspect is still at large. The deputy shot in the arm has been released from the hospital and is in good condition.

* * * 7 AM UPDATE * * *

MONTROSE, S.D. – Authorities tell KDLT News that the incident initially began in northern McCook County when a deputy stopped a vehicle for a traffic-related offense. The suspect fled the scene into Lake County, where gunfire was exchanged.

The deputy was shot in the arm but is in stable condition. As of 7 a.m. there’s no description of the suspect, who authorities assume to be armed and dangerous. SWAT Teams, scent tracking dogs and an airplane have been provided by Highway Patrol.

Authorities are still asking those in the area to stay indoors and to call 911 if they see anything suspicious. Schools in the area, including Chester Area High School and the Montrose School District, have a two-hour delay due to the situation.

* * * 5 AM UPDATE * * *

MONTROSE, S.D. – Details are limited regarding an active-shooter standoff in Lake County. Lake County Sheriff Tim Walburg says a pursuit following a traffic stop in McCook County led a Lake County Sheriff’s deputy and a suspect into Lake County. There, the suspect’s car went into a ditch, where the suspect and the deputy exchanged gunfire. The deputy was shot during the altercation and taken to a Madison hospital. The Sheriff’s Office says that deputy is in stable condition. Authorities believe the suspect is still on foot. Seven agencies, including South Dakota Highway Patrol and DCI are on scene, setting up a perimeter of several miles. Authorities are alerting neighbors door-to-door and urge anyone who sees anyone suspicious to call 911 immediately. The suspect is believed to still be armed and dangerous.

Stay with KDLT News for all the latest news on this developing story. We have a crew on the scene and will be live from Lake County with the latest.



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