Heartland Humane Society Opens New Facility

New 8,000 Square Foot Facility Looks To House More Stray Animals

YANKTON, S.D.— Saturday marked the official opening of the Heartland Human Society’s new facility in Yankton.

Since 2013, they’ve been clawing their way to a larger facility.

Executive Director Kerry Hacecky said they’ve been anxiously waiting this moment.

“I think it is the beginning or the ending, not sure which, of some emotional successes. It’s been hard to watch animals walk back out the door after saying no,” said Hacecky.

Hacecky said that over the last three years, the Heartland Humane Society has turned away an average of 300 dogs, per year.

Their new facility allows them to hold 27 dogs on a daily basis as opposed to just one prior.

“To have a place to bring them back in, to say yes, to know they’re in good hands is a huge win for the staff, as well,” said Hacecky.

The new 8,000 square foot shelter can hold between 600-800 animals, per year.

Marissa Terca with the Yankton Area Chamber of Commerce said that’s been made possible due to more than $700,000 in donations.

“People saw that there was a need for a bigger facility. We don’t want animals running free and wild in Yankton. We want them to find homes, loving homes,” said Terca.

New additions include the shelters first ever isolation room for animals, for example for pregnant dogs, and a veterinarian suite.

“As opposed to transporting animals to our local veterinarian, we’ll be inviting them to come into the facility and do that care here,” said Hacecky.

While it was only the first day the facility was open for business, volunteers, such as Caleb Carter, are excited about what they can do in the future.

“People find stray animals on the street, rescue them, bring them here. We get them fed, washed and get them a foster home and maybe even get them adopted,” said Carter.

In early March, the Yankton city commission voted to phase the city’s pound into the new facility.

The Heartland Humane Society’s fundraising campaign is still going on.

Hacecky said their original goal was $850,000 for additional veterinarian suite equipment.

For more information, visit their website here.

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