Two Arrested For Attempting To Hire People To Cash Fraudulent Checks

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Sioux Falls Police arrested two people after they were caught attempting to recruit people to cash fraudulent checks for them.

Last week, police started investigating a report of two people hiring homeless and transient people to go to several different banks and cash checks for them. Police say one of the men hired to do this reported it to police after one of the two men showed a gun and told him to continue cashing the checks.

On Friday, detectives were watching cars in the area of the Bishop Dudley House looking for the suspects car. They say a car was driving slow in the area before stopping to talk to a couple in the area of 12th and Franklin. Detectives say, after some discussion the couple got in the car and the car drove off.

Detectives stopped the car near 11th and Main and discovered that they were hiring the couple to cash checks for them. Out of the deal the couple would have received a free lunch and some cash.

During the investigation, detectives located where the suspects were staying and found evidence of fraudulent checks being made.

Police arrested 22-year-old Davon Holmes and 23-year-old Bashir Geidi, both from Georgia, and were charged with Attempting to Make or Possess a Forged Instrument.

Police are still unsure if they were the same two people in connection with the report earlier last week.


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