Expert Talks At-Home Approach To Senior Care

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- When a Sioux Falls man suddenly became a caretaker for his mother-in-law, he found that helping others get back on their feet brought him fulfillment.

After nearly 50 days of caring for his mother-in-law, Tony Mau was proud to see her move back to her farm and living independently again. Mau decided to make it his mission to help others do the same with his business, Right At Home.

Instead of moving a loved one to a nursing home or care facility, Right At Home travels to each client’s house to give them care. Mau says this is a significant distinction because according to him, clients make more progress with the comfort of their own home. He says keeping family members involved in decisions is important, too.

“Every time that we go out there we try to involve the family members. It’s a family event. You want to figure you what you need to do as a group,” says Mau.

To learn more about the signs of mental illness and how to make care decisions for your loved one, watch the video above.

Mau says Right At Home caters to each client’s specific needs. He says some clients require close attention, while others just need someone to check on them weekly. To learn more about Right At Home’s custom care plans, click here.


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