Kennedy Saves Her Best For Last

Kennedy Saves Her Best For Last

PA Announcer:”The shortstop, #32 Sarah Kennedy…”

That’s about about as much noise as you’ll hear around Sarah Kennedy….

Gretta Melsted, Augie Softball Coach:”She’s so humble, she’s so quiet about it. You would never know…if you came out to the field you would just never know because she doesn’t have a big brash personality…”

….until she steps to the plate!

Sarah Kennedy, Augie Senior:”It still seems kind of unreal to me and I don’t think anything’s gonna feel real until everything’s done and over with. I had a very similar season my sophomore year…”

In that 2015 season Kennedy hit .470 with 17 homeruns and 70 RBI.
After her numbers fell as a junior, if you can really call hitting .403 a fall, focusing on defense helped Sarah lock in for her final year.

Kennedy:”A new style of playing defensively that I think has helped my game a lot. So I think that’s one of my more improved areas besides hitting and expanding my range for the types of pitches I can hit…”

And she’s a candidate for national player of the year as a result, leading Division Two with a .524 average and 29 doubles.

Melsted:”All year long she was just in a good spot. A good spot mentally and you could just tell the confidence that she had…”

With numbers so hard to believe, it’s the simpler things….

Kennedy:”The everyday grind, coming to practice, working out with my friends. This is the weirdest, funniest group of girls that I’ve known in my entire life…”

….that Sarah will miss the most.

Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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