FDA Approves Avera Clinical Trial Aiming To Treat Peripheral Vascular Disease

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – A new treatment could become available for people suffering from peripheral vascular disease that affects around eight million Americans. The treatment was recently approved by the FDA for a clinical trial.

Vascular scaffolding therapy is a drug-device combination that will work to open peripheral vascular arteries by stretching the artery wall, allowing for adequate blood flow.

Avera’s research and development company, Alumend has been working on the research for nearly 20 years.

They say they are excited for this next stage of development.

“So to have something like this be able to get out of the lab and actually into human trials is an exciting development in it of itself but of course we hope to take it much further and for it to actually be able to get into commercial use and help many more patients outside of the trials,” said Dr. Myles Greenberg, the President & CEO of Alucent Medical.

Phase one of the clinical trial for vascular scaffolding will start this summer at three locations across the U.S.

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