Mayor Mike Huether Addresses Jim Sideras Investigation

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – During a press conference Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether says the investigation surrounding former fire chief Jim Sideras hurts him.

“We are mad, we are sad, we’re confused, we’re hurt,” says Huether. “We don’t want any of this to be true.”

Law enforcement searched Jim Sideras’ home on May 2nd.

Mayor Huether said Sioux Falls Police Chief Matt Burns did let him know, at that time, that an investigation surrounding child pornography was underway.

“This one cuts deeper, because it is so personal,” says Huether. “However at the same time, this is and it remains a personnel matter.”

The investigation began on April 26, when the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children said they received a cybertip that the account ‘sandilikestoplay10’ had received child porn images from another email account already under investigation.

That email was tracked to Sideras’ home on Magnolia Avenue.

Court documents state a search of one of Sideras’ computers showed a website that contained child pornography images had been visited as well.

The images contain females as young as 2 to 3 years old.

The search also revealed explicit chat conversations.

When authorities asked if Sideras heard of the yahoo email account ‘sandilikestoplay10’ he stated “kinda, but I’m not going to say anymore”, according to court documents.

Sideras will make his first court appearance on May 25.

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