Children Using Rocks To Spread Joy Throughout The Community

A group of elementary kids in the Sioux Empire says they hear about too many bad things happening in the world today. So, they decided to do something unique, yet simple, to spread joy throughout the community. They’re doing it with rocks.

To the average person, rocks are just that. But to these three girls, they’re an ice cream cone, flower, or even an animal.

Fourth Grader Scarlett Tefft said, “I like to have rocks that have like a point for the nose, and I usually make brown dogs with a light ear.”

With a little paint, their vision comes to life.

“We use this permanent paint and when you’re going to do little designs, we use this tiny brush so it looks better and not sloppy. We write on the back #605 rocks with Sharpie and we spray it with this spray stuff so when it gets in the rain it doesn’t come off,” said Tefft.

Tefft got the idea from a Facebook group in Florida. The group was spreading joy by painting rocks, and placing them around the community for others to find.

“She said ‘Mom, I want to do this in Sioux Falls so we got a group of her friends together, and they started brainstorming, coming up with ideas on how we could do it here,” said Scarlett’s Mother Allison Cambier.

Scarlett got several of her friends involved, including Lucy Pederson and London Russell. They’ve been painting and placing ever since at schools, businesses and area parks.

“A good spot where people might find them, but where you can also, it might be kind of fun to go look for them,” said London.

With a special hashtag, they know people are finding them. Their excitement is often posted on social media.

Lucy’s Mother Megan Pederson said, “They can have a connection across the state, it’s so easy with social media.”

“Our main goal for #605 rocks is to make people smile and to spread positivity all around South Dakota,” Scarlett said.

Something they hope spreads far beyond the 605.

The children have painted more than 150 rocks so far. They say if you happen to find one, feel free to keep them, leave them, or spread the joy by painting your own. They would also like you to post it on their ‘South Dakota Rocks’ Facebook, Instagram or Twitter Page.




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