Adventures With Ahtra: Deskercise


SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Sitting in an office and staring at a screen all day can cause tense muscles and sore joints. Our staff at KDLT are no exception to falling victim to lazy posture and bad habits! Annie and Chris Mello from CPM Fitness ambushed KDLT’s newsroom to teach us some “Deskercise” moves.

Annie says chairs are the biggest cause of sore muscles and bad posture.

“Our human body was not created to sit in chairs all day and now we are designed to sit in chairs at work from eight to five,” says Annie.

One stretch that’s easy to do at your desk is to cross your right leg over your left, sit up nice and tall. Then lean forward and put some pressure on your right knee.  Hold for about a minute. Take some deep inhales and exhales and that’ll release some tightness and low back pain. When you when you sit up, you’ll have a nice tall posture.

Watch the video above for more ways to stay in shape at the office.

The more you practice these moves, the better off you’ll be.

“Your body gets good at whatever you do most of, so if you sit for most of the day you get tight shoulders, tight hips and a sore low back,” says Chris.

For more on Chris and Annie Mello’s workout philosophy and CPM Fitness, click here.

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