Spotlight On Nurses During National Nurses Week

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. –  In honor of National Nurses Week, we wanted to get to know some of the nurses who care for patients across the Sioux Empire.  We stopped by Sanford Hospital and Avera McKennan to hear their stories.

It’s a week that we use to recognize nurses across the United Sates.  National Nurses Week is a time to recognize those who have always been there to comfort their patients in need.  For most, a nurse is one of the first faces we saw when we were born.

“Sometimes we take it for granted that we, we get to enjoy like the happiest day of people’s lives of bringing babies into the world and I think sometimes we have to sit back and remember that,” said Nurse Manager at Avera McKennan NICU, Angela Riley.

Meghan Foster with Avera McKennan said even with all the joys that nursing brings, it can be a grueling job with 12 hour shifts but she said it’s worth the hard work and dedication that it takes to be a nurse.

“You know seeing a baby born as early as 24 weeks and then being able to go home is really what, what builds that desire to continue being a nurse.”

Nurses are there from birth but are also there when needed the most.  A pediatric nurse with Sanford Hospital, Alexis Hortness, said adults are kind of used to being sick, but when it comes to kids, it’s a different story.

“With kids, they’re not supposed to be sick.  So what my job is is I feel like is to provide care for them, make them feel better but at the same time let them still be kids.”

No matter the circumstance, nurses are there for care.  Katie DeWall, a clinical manager with Sanford Transplant, said nurses bring a good overview on how to take care of a patient.  She said that’s why some patients will open up to a nurse even when they may not open up to a loved one or a doctor.

“I know that I’ve worked with an amazing group of nurses in my career and I always think it’s great to celebrate them.”

According to CNBC, registered nurses are one of the top-10 in demand jobs of 2017.



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